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World Famous Handcrafted Wood Kazoos by Miss G. of Woodstock, NY
The "BLuZKazoo" is handmade in Woodstock, NY and is a handcrafted wooden kazoo
made from the finest hardwoods including walnut, maple, oak, cherry, mahogany and cedar. 
These kazoos are the best and are built to perform either hand-held or used in
a harmonica holder  so that you can take your kazoo playing to new heights with
higher levels of enjoyment and satisfaction. 
Kids love kazoos and everyone loves playing a quality musical instrument so treat yourself
or someone you love to a "BLuZKazoo". These instruments are great for music therapist too.
When you play one of my World Famous Woodstock Wooden Kazoos the "BLuZKazoo" you'll
hear the rich tone and feel the distinct quality of a wooden kazoo that has been road tested
for over 35 years.  Miss G (blues kazoo player extraordinaire) has been singing and wailing
the blues through her wooden kazoo and now you can experience playing a "BLuZKazoo" kazoo. 
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BLuZKazoo player and maker Miss G of Woodstock Wooden Kazoo

~ Miss G, the BLuZKazoo Lady of Woodstock Wooden Kazoo
has been invited to be the Grand Marshal of the 7th Annual
July 4th Kazoo Parade in Nazareth, PA ~ Home of Martin Guitars!! 
~ Invited back as Grand Marshal in 2012 for the 8th Annual 
July 4th Kazoo Parade, and this year we were featured in an 
MSN Travel article titled "The 10 Quirkiest Parades in the World" 
written by Jo Caird of the UK. Parade participants and onlookers
get free kazoos and play patriotic songs along the parade route.   

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The BLuZKazoo on prime time TV.
Wavy Gravy was a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and
brought along his Woodstock Wooden Kazoo "The BLuZKazoo" 
to play during his television interview.  Thank you Wavy for such
a wonderful surprise,,,I couldn't believe my eyes when he placed
it on Jimmy's desk for all the world to see,,,he loves his kazoo
and it goes everywhere with him,,,even on Late Night TV !!!
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Wood kazoo maker extraordinaire, Miss G. of Woodstock, NY.,

has been wailing the blues on her wooden kazoos for over 30 years.

Crafted from the finest wood available, Woodstock Wooden Kazoo's

have a crisp yet mellow sound and are so comfortable to play.

If you love singing, you'll love playing one of Miss G's blues kazoos.